What are your favorite articles?

http://joschu.net/blog/opinionated-guide-ml-research.html -> on learning, taste

Sorry, I’m not doing any interviews at this time, focused on building a bigger company.

I wanna make 10k / month, what should I do?

watch these two

Is it worth it for me to quit my job, move to Asia and indie hack?

I would do the math, it’s maybe 30k after savings? I think you can make more w/ your own business

You 100% can do it. Stay focused with one business, find problems in the market and build backwards (don’t do the 12 startup in 12 months nonsense) and you can hit your financial goals imo

Is it worth it to work at Big Tech to “learn”?

I learned all my technical stuff from coding my own projects. at amazon i was maintaing 10year old legacy code so learned basically nothing. 

just be curious and try to understand end to end. from ideation to production development to marketing to customer success etc

also its different skillsets

At big tech, you learn a lot how to keep large systems up with minimal downtime.

but if you start your own business, you have to get good at getting traffic and building a product people will buy

How do I learn better copywriting?

I just followed this: https://www.thegaryhalbertletter.com/newsletters/zfkj_hands_on_experience.htm

I’m reading each book multiple times

copywork daily for 10-15 minutes