About Me


you somehow stumbled across this part of the internet..

ahem. well, i guess i should introduce myself.

TLDR; I started programming when I was 16, I went to school for computer science, have tried basically every business, built a bunch of products, applied (rejected from YC), worked at Amazon for 4 yrs and working towards that sweet 10M net worth by 30.

Life story (so far):

  • Started with $0, parent’s have zero formal education past high-school 
  • Taught myself how to program in high-school, graduated college with computer science major in <3.5 years 
  • Self started multiple products in university, some worked, some didn’t 
  • Grinded my way into FAANG as a software eng after college, promoted within 2.5 years. Worked on Amazon fulfillment software that had 2M+ daily requests, was fun and made good money
  • Grew Twitter from 0 to 20k+ followers within 1 year
  • Grew AI training program to over 400 students within 1 year, ~80k revenue
  • Self taught myself design, spent 90+ days grinding with no missed days 
  • I co-founded my first startup in 2022, I built the product in <1.5 week, we got the product to 1k MRR within 2 months,  got to the final YC interview (we missed the mark and didn’t pass, I was still proud we made it to the final round!) 
  • I co-founded another B2B SaaS in 2022, I built the entire product within 2 weeks, product was acquired for 5 figures within 1 year 
  • 225lb bench 
  • Quit 350k+ faang job to pursue entrepreneurship full time!
  • Traveling world and building <— here now

But tbh, since starting coding since high school, 95% of the projects/businesses have been fails, so hasn’t been all successes

I’m deeply motivated by fulfilling work, mastery and money. 

When I was younger I would do nearly anything for a buck (dolla is a dolla eh?) but, I’ve managed to make enough money where it’s not my main driver anymore (but I still do think about it a lot.) 

I get bored really easily so whatever I’m working on has to be mentally challenging and I have to see growth.

I like teaching but I wouldn’t be a great teacher irl because I would just get bored teaching the same stuff every day/year. 


I get a lot of enjoyment from picking up a new skill and mastering it. I think the bar for this is pretty low. It’s hard to do something for 5 years, actively try to improve on it and still suck. You don’t need to be smart, you just need to be consistent imo!  

I have a lot of respect for people that have mastered their craft


I think it’s cool to tell other people you’re not motivated by money but (unfortunately?) I would be lying if I said I don’t care about money.. Maybe just one more million?? 😀 

How last year went: read about my 2023 wrapped here

Here are *just some* of the 20+ projects I’ve worked on over the years.

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That’s all folks! If you want to follow along on the journey to 10M, follow on my Twitter for up to date update and Insta for my life updates.

see ya!